Fix A Zipper

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Amazingly Fixes Broken Zippers Instantly!

Instant Zipper is the world’s first “instant” solution to a broken zipper! Easy to use, just clip and zip, the patented jaw design snaps open and snaps closed onto any zipper. Works even if up to three teeth are missing from a zipper. Saves time and money. Whether it’s the zipper on your tent, suitcase, purse, pants, shirt, or favorite dress that’s ruined your day, the Instant Zipper will save the day! The Instant Zipper "as seen on tv" is a zipper replacement that works everywhere that zippers can be used, even on furniture. Extend the life your favorite coat or fix the zipper on your suitcase with Instant Zipper. Instant zipper fixes nearly any zipper in seconds – just clip it and zip it!

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