7 in 1 Fruit & Vegetable Slicer

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The Fruits and Vegetables Tools offered by us are specialized kind of utensils so that the process of presenting and preparing your food is made easier and more elegant. The 7 in 1 Mandolin is there to help you slice and dice your choice of fruits and vegetables in a quick and precise yet beautiful manner. It make the process of cutting and chopping vegetables and fruits into long, thin, thick slices and matchstick or french fries as well as waffle cut adding that perfect twist to your salads way easy. Slicing right through the soft and hard layers of your selected piece of fruit or vegetable with its razor sharp blades. This 7 in 1 Mandolin can be part of your innovative kitchen set. It‰۪s way faster and accurate than your traditional method of slicing moreover its way elegant too.

    • Blades are crafted with durable stainless steel and is
      used for the body.
    • Exceedingly sharp blades for slicing julienne and waffle cutting.
    • Julienne blade gives you the perfect french-fry or
      matchstick cuts.
    • Perfect for making waffle cut or crinkle cut on your veggies.
    • Blades can be removed easily for changing and cleaning.
    • Includes a food holder which ensures the safety of fingers.
    • Professional yet easy to use.
    • Works on fruits and vegetables.
    • Covers minimum space in your Kitchen.
    • Package includes a set with 7 pieces that is 5 different blades
      a Mandolin and a food holder.


    • Mandoline Size: 10.8 cm x 28 cm
    • Blade Size: 4.5 cm x 10.7 cm.
    • Food Holder Size: 11.5 cm.


      • Effective and durable.
      • Easy and Quick to Use.
      • Perfect for salads.
      • Used for cutting french fries.
      • You can make your salad unique and pretty.
      • Insert the food in the food holder and slide over through
        the blade for perfect slices, matchstick and waffle cut.
      • Always use the food holder for complete safety; do not use
        your hand to guide fruits or vegetable


      • Keep away from direct flame.
      • Keep away from the reach of children.
      • Razor sharp blades handle with utmost care.
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